No travel experience today is complete without the desire of sharing our every #wanderlust moment. Unbelievable snapshots of our adventures in far-flung locales and exotic destinations that say, “YES! Can you believe it? I really did do all these incredible things!”


The problem is TMI overload! Choices, choices, choices! Our social feeds are exploding while our minds are imploding with juicy-looking travel images from glamorous travel bloggers or trend setting magazines and hey, even our jet-setting friends! It’s time to start ticking things off from that never-ending bookmark list of yours! 


    You’ve played your hand at planning a trip. That time-consuming energy-sucking exercise, filtering down the hundreds to your top 10 favourites to only find another 10 pop up after your zillionth bout of intense research. And that doesn’t even include the suggestions in the guidebook you just bought and the copious links to online travel articles you have up on your browser. How did they find all these amazing places?! The restaurant looks nice but is it actually in real life? You don’t want to go all that way just for an instagram post to find out it’s awful! And where in the world is that located and how do you get there? We only deliver you the cream of the crop of any chosen destination!


    You don’t have to quit your job and join the wave of savvy social media influencers to have the trip of a lifetime (although it’s beginning to sound tempting!). You too can have that far-fetched unique experience that makes absurdly good green-eyed provoking stories. Refreshing wanderlusty updates from a travel company whose only job on this planet is to forever be dialed-in with the hottest hotspots and happenings known to man! 


    We curate mind-blowing experiences day in day out for today’s global traveller. Seriously brilliant ideas that are handpicked based on your actual likes and interests and not your average Joe’s. We take your budget into account – if you can’t have dinner at that pricy rooftop bar, then we make sure you most certainly can pass by for a drink or two! With every booking we customise the trip to your exact preferences to develop a totally individual and compelling story that is all yours. A play-by-play itinerary that covers what you’re looking for: accommodation, eating and drinking, arts and culture, attractions, entertainment, events, nightlife, active, well-being and shopping. After all, this month’s sexiest Mexican haunt is not worth your while if you’re not a fan of the hot and fiery. Even if it does have the most instagrammable interiors! 


    Let’s face it; sorting out the logistics can be a serious headache! You need those boring but seriously crucial details that you may forget – like that boat, which sails once a day at that very specific time to that remote island!


    Our itineraries consider everything. Localised and location orientated – nonsensical journeying back and forth is just silly talk!  Non-generic; but don’t skip out on some of the loved must-see-dos. Affordable luxury; but no compromising on quality! Weather focused – no one wants to be inside on a sunny day! Highly detail orientated but with the right dose of independence when you want a splash of spontaneity. And if it all goes kaput, fear not, our concierge service is on hand to book any impromptu plans while you are on the move. 


    It’s very simple. To curate your very own personalised U-tinerary, we find out exactly what makes you tick through our fast and furiously-easy online questionnaire. Before sending the questionnaire, we take a set fee for curating the U-tinerary with no elephantine price tag attached! Your U-tinerary is shared with you within 48-hours. Once finalised, you are sent a detailed travel pack with everything you could possibly need to know. 


    Our recommendations on the best places to stay, incredible eating and drinking establishments, and the most unforgettable experiences.

    1-day trip: £50

    3-day trip: £150

    5-day trip: £250

    7-day trip: £300

    10-day trip: £450

    14-day trip: £600

    3-week trip: £800

    1-month trip: £1,200


    If you wish to relinquish all planning power, we will oversee the booking of your accommodation and transport as well as any reservations and event tickets. For this service we take an additional fee for handling the trip’s requested bookings.

    Up to 3-day trip: £50

    7-day trip: £100

    10-day trip: £150

    14-day trip: £250

    3-week trip: £300

    1-month trip: £500