Not all those who Sonder are lost! If you suffer from that niggling Koinophobia (the fear that you’ve lived an ordinary life), Sonder is your escape from the homogenised and run-of-the-mill travel trips. Sonder is not about swanky diamond chandeliers or rain showers so vast they fit a whole family underneath it at one time (however fantastic they are!) – it’s about something much bigger than that. 


    If you are looking for THE trip on our website now, we are going to have to stop you there. We aren’t in the business of cookie-cutter luxury packages. A Sonder experience is not something you can buy off the shelf. It's the un-Googleable. A bespoke over-the-top exclusive journey carefully crafted just for you, which no one else will ever have.  An experience that appeals to you on a personal level.


    Sonder defines your own luxury. To you it may be a train of chic camel drawn carts carrying you off to dinner at a stunning private house in a safari park lit entirely by 10,000s of tea lights and serenaded by a walking band of local drummers as you sip on the finest champagne upon a bedding of sumptuous cushions (and yes, this happened, and god was it wonderful!). For other travel-seekers, it may just be the comfort of having their daily acai bowls prepared each morning with all its glorious toppings!


    We orchestrate desirable travel experiences that are curated by the innovative minds of creative activists, coordinated by the savviest and plugged-in travel experts, and executed with an event planner’s eye for detail. 


    It’s all about the smallest of details as well as the greatest adventures. A fleet of luxury supercars flown over all programmed with your favourite tunes or a vintage wooden sailing boat serving the freshest peachiest Bellini cocktails by the inventors themselves. Every mind-blowing episode is pieced together with acute precision. To the exact minute. Everyone, every thing is taken into account, both home and away. In our site visits we walk through the complete story minute-by-minute, step-by-step, analysing the modes of transport, how everything will look, sampling every tailor-made menu and scrutinising each activity. It can’t be anything other than perfection.


    We manage everything from choppers and jets, production crew, drones, hair and make-up artists, Chef and celebrity appearances, private islands, family-owned properties, over and under water villas, luxury temporary tented accommodation, hotels so exclusive that star ratings are nonessential, pop-up street markets, personalised hot air balloons, branded sea planes, 3D mapping, security escorts, fireworks, ice sculptures, flower walls, installations, skywriters and banners, flash mobs, musicians, jewellery VIP services, pre-arranged outfits pressed and hung in your wardrobe sent personally by the designer. 


    We are on hand from conception to the final bid adieu to ensure your expectations are met in real-time throughout the experience


    Now this all sounds brilliant, but if you don’t really know what you want or where you want to go the pressure of crafting your experience beyond your wildest dreams can be a little intimidating. And also it’s not like it’s a tangible product on the shelf with a set rate. Just leave the imagining to us! In order to tell your story, it’s our duty to know exactly what makes you tick – and in the easiest and most time-friendly effective way possible for you! Our clients undergo a questionnaire, which is carried out in person or through a phone consultation or via video chat. And if it’s not you, then it must be with someone who knows you as well (or even better) as you do! With your budget confirmed and personality attested we are able to present you with your Sonder.