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Story Unheard is a disruptive travel company spearheaded by a team of creative activists and storytellers. We are the modern traveller's go-to for the latest advice on all the best places around the world to stay, eat and drink, see and thrill, shop and party. Never again will you leave a destination feeling you missed out on its highlights!

  • We offer three unique travel experiences...

  • TRAVEL ON IMPULSE. Pack up and go anytime, anywhere with one of our buy off-the-shelf travel guides

  • U-TINERARY. Personalised travel guides based on YOUR loves and interests

  • SONDER. The dreamiest luxury travel blowouts


    At the helm of the company is travel maverick Gabriela Asquith. Together with her team of wild and wonderful vagabonds based in the UK and worldwide they create the most wanderlusty city guides, personalised itineraries and blowout events for today’s travellers. Gabriela’s excitement for travel sparked at an early age as she lived in Oman, USA, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Egypt as well as worked in the UAE. Till now she has explored over 30 countries.


    "With every day another take-me-there-now hotel pops up, another slick eatery appears on our social media feed and a new destination to explore. And on top of that, there are so many wonderful platforms breaking the news about them. Today’s travellers are overflowing with endless possibility that it can become overwhelming to plan a city break or a week on a far-flung island. We all want the perfect holiday without any feelings of ‘fomo’ and we want a real taste of the destination. From my own vexations faced when planning holidays, my team and I created one platform with everything we were looking for all in one place. All up to date. And reliable. I’m on holiday, I’ve got no time (or patience) for rocking up at restaurant that has been raved about to find its food sucks and I’ve wasted $60 or so on regret. Nor do I want a gushing list of surfing companies – I just want the best. And that doesn’t mean the most expensive! It’s just like calling up your seriously hooked up friend in Mexico City and getting the lowdown on what's the must STAY-SEE-DO-EAT-DRINK-SHOP-PARTY which won’t disappoint!"


    You want a trip to get excited about, to show off to your friends. All of our travel guides sent to you are beautifully presented! A measly photo of an empty lobby just won’t do! You want a decent number of emotional stirring, mind-blowing snaps of your gorgeous dwelling, hip eateries and thrilling adventures that lie in wait.


    Refreshing wanderlusty updates from a travel company whose only job on this planet is to forever be dialled-in with the coolest happenings known to man. Never in the history of travel guides has anything been this up to date! Not only are you getting your hands on all the latest openings and talks of the town, you're also exposed to upcoming events and recent discoveries! It’s just like calling a seriously hooked up friend and getting the lowdown on all the best places to STAY-EAT-DRINK-SEE-THRILL-SHOP-PARTY!


    You’ve had a go at planning a trip. That time-consuming energy-sucking exercise, filtering down the hundreds to your top favourites to only find another however many pop up. And that doesn’t even include the suggestions in the guidebook you just bought and the copious links to online travel articles you have up on your browser. You don’t have to quit your job and join the wave of savvy social media influencers to have the trip of a lifetime (although it’s beginning to sound tempting!). You too can have that far-fetched unique experience that makes absurdly good green-eyed provoking stories. We make travel simple for you by drowning out all that unwanted noise and in its place leaving you with a concise guide that recommends the very best in that destination!


    Let’s face it; working out your travel logistics can be a serious headache! You need those crucial details that you may have overlooked – like that boat, which sails once a day at that very specific time to that remote island! Our guides consider everything. Location orientated – nonsensical journeying back and forth is just silly talk! Non-generic recommendations; but don’t skip out on the must-see-dos. Affordable luxury; but no compromising on quality! Highly detailed but with the right dose of independence when you want a splash of spontaneity. From the minute you arrive, you know exactly where you're headed and what thrills lie ahead with our play-by-play guides.


    Yes, we do the big, the bold and the never been done before, but we also transform the familiar into the total unexpected. Our first hand knowledge and direct relationships with similar-minded partners means we know exactly what they offer on a daily basis, and then, working side by side, take it to a whole other level. We question the known and respond with the inconceivable. The team also works closely with handpicked local artists, chefs, foodies, journalists, DJs, club promoters, photographers, event managers, historians and fashionistas for that added insider knowledge on each destination.


    Our entrenched creative fearlessness has spurred us to the forefront of inspirational and experiential travel, empowering us to work with some of the world’s top brands. Our team not only is up to date with the latest trends but can also be found paving the way for new encounters.