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Discover the 'City of Gold' the right way $15.00


Welcome to the land of sparkling skyscrapers, turquoise beaches and rolling sand dunes! A city where the sun shines for you everyday - unless they make it rain (yes they can actually do that, it’s Dubai after all, anything is possible)! This Travel on Impulse guide is here to show you that there’s so much more to Dubai than meets the eye. So brace yourself for a holiday of halcyon days spent soaking up rays and sippin’ on exotic cocktails at chic beach hideaways. Mornings wakeboarding along the shimmering coast and meandering through inspiring artsy neighbourhoods. Hipster-style cafes and sunset horseback rides over the golden desert. While away the evenings feasting at buzzing restaurants followed by rooftop nightcaps (and potentially a dance!) with twinkling skyline vistas. Every recommendation in this guide we can personally vouch for. Every suggestion won’t disappoint. Say goodbye to holiday fomo!

Info + Payment

Travel on Impulse guides are digital. Upon receipt of payment you will receive an email including the download of the guide. The first part of the guide is made up of the most wanderlusty recommendations for that city on the planet. You will find our legendary '48 hours in...' section at the back of the guide, which gives the lowdown on the best way to discover the city according to our travel experts. To save you time, every recommendation is hyperlinked, taking you directly to it's website.

Guide Sections

Suite Dreams - Eat & Drink - Best of the Brunch - Bring on the Night - Beach & Pool - See & Thrill - Great Outdoors - Just Let Me Shop - Beauty - Fitness & Spa - 48 Hours in...