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2018-08-13 11:05:22

When our client came to us asking where a group of 12 fitness fiends and yogis should go to train and unwind that isn’t the norm – we knew just the place! So off went these fun-loving adventuratis for a dose of cool mountain air: Jabal Akhdar ('Green Mountain') - known to many as the fruit bowl of Oman - nestled in the heart of the Al Hajar Mountains! 

Before travelling, voyagers received the special “survival kit” packed with everything they could possibly need for an adventure; the only thing missing was an adventure itinerary! Kitted out in lifestyle wear from one of the hottest sports brands and fashioning their new shades, the adventurers set out in a fleet of the coolest 4x4s to the mountaintop! Packed with adventure and cars programmed with their favourite tunes, the trip started off in true Story Unheard style! ‘Keep Calm and Hydrate’ was the rule for the road, as the trippers devoured delicious juiced treats! Geared up in seriously comfortable hiking boots (yes, gifted again!), our travellers just could not resist taking a short detour and hitting the desert dunes!


Still pumped and raring to go, our adventurers arrived at their accommodation and welcomed with a delectable dinner at its cliff top restaurant cocooned at over 2,000m above sea level beneath a starry sky. The weekend of a lifetime was still ahead of them! What followed thereafter was three days of mountain biking, abseiling, rock climbing, panoramic mountaintop picnics, sunset barbeques, nutritious breakfasts, relaxing spa treatments, midnight Jacuzzi chatters (which turned into a full on pool party!), and unwinding by an award-winning infinity pool! There was even morning yoga on the cliff-side, made even more beautiful on state of the art yoga mats and active-wear, which too had been gifted to all guests invited. The excursion was a true celebration of the great outdoors, tailor-made to satisfy adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike!


If you're interested in having your own Jabal Akhdar adventure, one of our favourite times to visit is during the damask rose season. From mid-March through to end of May, the hillside of the mountain is blanketed in swathes of pink! Get in touch today to start planning your unforgettable mountain escape!